OsvaldoSantos is an American independent footwear label conceived from the idea of creating shoes that fuse modern as well as classic designs. Our variety of designs do reflect the idea of essential luxury. We design casual, semi-casual to formal shoes.

Our designs embody a clean, modern, timeless and minimal feel. With basic essentials in mind while handcrafted with premium construction materials.

Quality in construction, quality in materials and attention to detail are what set us apart.

Our tale is about passion for shoe craftsmanship, and bout dreamers who decided to jump in on a new adventure. Though our concepts are conceived in the USA, we went searching for footwear districts in Portugal, Turkey and Italy. As fashion changes every season, so do we but we offer designs that represent a refined elegance inspired by classic lines, and pay meticulous attention to detail. Every decision is made in collaboration with artisans to ensure our philosophy is reflected in these designs. From the artisan directly to you, enjoy the nonpareil quality.